Compound Conditioning : About | Elite Personal Training, fitness and strength & conditioning company by Jim Diehl | Vancouver, BC

JIM DIEHL - cscs

Compound Conditioning was launched by coach and trainer Jim Diehl, based out of Vancouver, in 2015. Throughout his career, Jim has worked with thousands of clients and athletes, developed the largest varsity Strength & Conditioning program in Canada and has become a seasoned presenter and educator.

Some current and past clients include:

  • Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, University of British Columbia

  • Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Vancouver National Swim Centre

  • Savannah King, Swimming, 2X Olympian

  • Terah Van Beilen, Swimming, 2X Olympian

  • TJ Schiller, Skiing, X-Games Gold & Silver - Video

  • Coleman Allen, Swimming, Team Canada

  • Shea Emry, Football, 2X Grey Cup Champion

  • Cameo Wilson, Skateboarding - Video

  • Spencer Hamilton, Skateboarding - Video

  • Adam Nicolson, Football, CFL

  • Stacey Gabriel, Skateboarding - Video

  • Vancouver Thunderbirds Hockey

  • Total Field Hockey

  • Matt Berger, Skateboarding - Video

It’s easy to get confused when you talk about skateboarding and working out in the same sentence; it’s not about bodybuilding, but rather creating a body that performs to it’s full potential. Jim changed my approach to dealing with injuries and performance. He’s a mad man but he knows what he’s talking about!
— Stacy Gabriel, Professional Skateboarder



Brandon Rogers grew up on the Sunshine coast and quickly made the move to Vancouver, BC to pursue a career in training. He has been coaching for 4+ years, while constantly improving his knowledge base and training expertise. Always one to keep a calm demeanor, Brandon keeps the energy even through the heaviest training sessions. 


I’m extremely excited to bring Brandon to the team! At a young age he has already done a lot in the fitness industry - his diverse skill set and awesome attitude are perfect fit for the brand!
— Jim Diehl, Founder/Owner
  • American Council of Exercise Certified

  • BCRPA Certified

  • Group Fitness Certified

  • TRX Suspension Trainer Certified

  • Precision Nutrition Certified Trainer

  • Founded Level-Up Fitness