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Simplified | Bar Grip

Traditional Grip

Although gripping the bar may seem very simple, there are actually a variety of effective techniques. As always, make sure you have the right tool, or technique, for the job.

1. Pronated Grip -  the most common grip, used by every lifter in some context. Whether it's pushing or pulling, the classic overhand is key. Focus on an extremely tight grip - the harder you grip, the stronger your grip will get. Simple.

2. Mixed Grip - this is used primarily when powerlifters are deadlifting. Having one hand supinated and one pronated has the benefit of neutralizing the roll of the bar. Keep in mind, that the internal and external rotation of the shoulders can cause imbalances in the back over time. 

Lifting Straps

3. Straps - although this is a good tool when your grip just won't hold, or you're overcoming injury, overuse can result in weak grip strength and hold you back on your lifts. Although many have their own technique, we recommend simply wrapping the bar once and gripping tightly over top of the wrap.

Hook Grip

4. Hook Grip - the is a more advanced technique used primarily by weightlifters when performing pulls (cleans, snatches & rows). The bar will roll when it accelerates on the second pull (of Olympic lifts), this grip prevents that. The key is to tuck the thumb underneath the index and middle finger. Generally, the last two fingers will not make contact with the thumb.  

Always focus on a strong and consistent grip with whichever technique you utilize. If you have any questions, feel free to hit us up.


-Jim Diehl