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Simplified | Table (Pose) Plank

Table Top Planks Simplified

The modified reverse plank is a great drill for opening up the shoulders and hips (flexors) before, or after, a lifting or fitness session. The execution is simple and it gives strong feedback on deficiencies and strengths. Please note: although this movement is derived from yoga, we do deviate slightly.  


  • feet hip width
  • hands shoulder width, with middle fingers parallel and pointing backwards


  • drive through the feet and hands while leaning the head back and squeezing the glutes
  • try and create a straight line between the knees and shoulders
  • use reps for a dynamic stretch before lifting (10 reps with a 1 second hold)
  • use static holds post lifting to increase flexibility (30 second hold)


  • bring the hands closer together 
  • use single arm or leg

Keep it simple, keep it strong

-Jim Diehl