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Hip Mobility | Skiing & Snowboarding

Hip Mobility | Skiing & Snowboarding

Tight hips are very common among skiers and snowboarders. Not only can this cause pain in the lower back and knees, but also leads to dormant glutes and instability. 

When approaching this issue, it's important to open up the muscles on the front (hip flexors, etc) before stretching the hamstrings and groin.

This simple mobility program will keep your hips healthy. Try and perform 2-3 times per week and everyday after riding. Complete 1-3 sets.

A1. Internal Leg Rotation - 30-60 seconds per side

A2. Bulgarian Split Squat - 10 reps per side. No need to add weight

A3. Supine Plank - 10 reps

A4. Wall Hamstring Stretch - 10 reps per side 

Internal Leg Rotation - this exercise is great for opening up the  tensor fasciae latae, which can lead to pelvic imbalances as well as pain in the lower back and lateral knee. Focus on keeping the shoulder, hip and knee in line and the knee at 90 degrees.


Bulgarian Split Squat - this drill will do a good job opening up the iliopsoas and rectus femoris. Both key hips flexors and vital muscles for hip health. Focus on ending with the front knee at 90 degrees while keeping the torso vertical.


Supine (tabletop) Plank - this drill will open up a lot of the anterior muscles - hip flexors, quads, shoulders, chest, arms, abs, etc - while helping to activate the glutes. Focus on keeping your hands parallel and challenge yourself by moving the hands closer together. Try and extend up by contracting the glutes.

Wall Hamstring Stretch - once the hips (front) are loose and mobile, you can start putting stretch on the adductors, hamstrings and calves. Focus on keeping the moving leg internally rotated (toe in), while keeping the vertical leg stretch.

Try this out and let us know your thoughts and questions. 

Keep in simple, keep it strong.

-Jim Diehl