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Simplified: Military Press

Simplified: Military Press


Overhead presses can provide a lot of difficulty initially, but, after time, bring huge benefits in both strength and mobility. And, if you're serious about weightlifting, this one is a must!

1. Be Stable - your entire body is responsible for the load of the lift. Be sure to tighten your glutes, and abdomen while standing in a shoulder-width stance.

2. Control the Shoulders - keeping your shoulders down and back, while your chest stays tall, is key! This means tightening your mid-back without leaning backwards.

3. Strong Grip - hold the bar in a shoulder width overhand (pronated) grip. Begin with the bar touching the upper chest and elbows down (try to bend the bar).

4. Execute - press the weight overhead while pushing up and (slightly) back. This means that at the top, when viewed from the side, your ears should be in front of your upper arm. 

Start with 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps to learn the movement and find your 'groove'. Remember, don't increase the weight until you have full range-of-motion and the body is able to stay tight. 

Keep it simple, keep it strong #simplifymovement