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Can you Train in 30 Minutes?

Can You Train in 30 Minutes?

With 30 minute 1-on-1 training being a big part of our brand, we wanted to talk about the pros and cons of what we do. Here are some of the most common questions answered...

1. What can you get done in 30 minutes

Well, a lot! Because our systems are based on education, we're able to move quickly - there is no down time. We begin with athlete/workout specific mobility then quickly move on to a primary lift or movement complex, followed by secondary lifts. We generally do 20-25 working sets, plus prep, conditioning and core work. 

2. Is it a traditional 'fitness' session? 


No, we lift like athletes! Squats, deadlifts, presses, sprints, calisthenics... We focus on fundamental movement patterns and key lifts. No fluff, just exercises that work.

3. What kind of results can I expect? 

As we all know, you get what you put in. We often couple our online workouts and nutrition programs with training to ensure that you're taken care of. We have athletes hitting double body weight lifts, training for 60 minutes a week (2 x 30 minutes), while seeing a dramatic change in body composition. 

4. What level does this cater to?

We work with everyone from newbies and weekend warriors to seasoned athletes. The demand of the workout is designed to match the athlete's goals, biomechanics, conditioning and strength.

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