Compound Conditioning : One-on-One | Elite Personal Training, fitness and strength & conditioning company by Jim Diehl | Vancouver, BC


Focused around our 30 minute training, this is our most effective and comprehensive training available. From your initial assessment to sessions in the gym, and supplementary work, this is a world class product that produces results!  In our time effective training, there is no fluff. We cover:

  • corrective movements
  • sprinting
  • plyometrics
  • mobility & stretching
  • weightlifting & Olympic lifting
  • interval training 

Quite simply, we use the most effective exercises and periodizations for your individual needs.

Want more time, or an athlete with higher demands? 60 and 90 minute sessions are also available.

Start with our complimentary assessment to find out what will work best for you!


Jim_Diehl_Snatch- Grip
Jim Diehl made me, the gym-skeptic, love going to workout at the gym. He brings a high energy and positivity to his work, and that paired with his coaching expertise leads to a great training environment. Jim is always willing to work with individuals around their strengths and weaknesses to ensure you have the best workout for you.
— Savannah King, Swimmer, 2008 & 2012 Olympian
30 minute intense training sessions with Jim, and Compound Conditioning, have allowed me to put myself first amidst a grueling work schedule. Not only am I ecstatic about the results I have had, and how I feel, both mentally and physically, but I’m very excited for what the future holds.
— Sunjeet Deol, Lawyer, AHBL
As a busy entrepreneur in the high-stress world of finance, I had for years neglected my physical health. After training for only 8 weeks with Jim, I have noticed not only the physical benefits but the biggest impact on my life has been the mental clarity and energy I have gained overall. Jim is an amazing motivator that has inspired me to now enjoy going to every session
— Kyle Johnston, CEO Stock Social Inc.